Office lights left on overnight wastes almost 30p in every £1 of an organisation energy bills


Assessment of indoor air quality can lead to 8 -11% rise in productivity

ISO 50001 En Ms

It’s no longer enough to simply say that we’re doing the right thing.

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Bates Energy is a commercially independent company with expertise in energy reduction, compliance and management system delivery. We are a data-led company with analytic solutions to achieve energy cost savings throughout your business. We offer a full range of energy reduction and guaranteed energy saving programs. We have worked with businesses to identify energy reduction opportunities in their existing operations to maximise assets value. We provide a resource strength that is second to none with sole purpose of providing unbiased energy cost reduction solutions. Energy reduction initiatives not only have a financial benefit to an organisation but also provides reputation benefit in a digitally driven society. Our team of building experts work with companies to cut energy costs and gain strategic competitive advantage. We have helped clients including world’s leading facility operators explore, analyse and optimise energy performances with huge energy cost savings. Our highly skilled team have specialist knowledge in areas stated in our services. However we are always keen to develop bespoke services to meet your energy challenges, please do contact us.


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ISO 50001 En Ms


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